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Rio 2016 Olympic Games is the official video game for the Olympic Games at Rio. Through this app you won't get to try out every single olympic sport at the Games, but you will get to enjoy some of the most fun ones like: football, basketball, tennis, archery, table tennis, and skeet.

During the Soccer event, you'll get to use your finger to trace the ball's trajectory in a similar way to Flick Kick Soccer and other similar titles. For the basketball trials, you'll also need to try to shoot as many balls into the hoop with a similar gesture based shooting system using your finger.

Both games of tennis and table tennis are fairly similar. You'll need to swipe in order to move your racket and hit the ball effectively thereby defeating your rival. If you manage to win two consecutive matches, you'll get the gold medal. During archery and skeet trials, you'll need to tap the screen just next to the spot where you want to shoot.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games is an excellent video game for the Olympic Games. Not only is it a great mash up of fun games, it also has great visuals. Also, you'll be able to make your way up the Worldwide scoreboard as you gain more and more victories.

Android 4.0.3 or higher required

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